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Watch this video and more on Kill Cliff

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New Kill Cliff Flavor Revealed!


Up Next in Season 2

  • Granny Joins the Crew

    Brought to you by Kill Cliff, the Clean Energy Drink. Own it. Get your favorite flavor at The Kill Cliff Granny sits in with John, GW and McDojo as they watch the videos that just make you laugh. Plus get the exclusive first look at the McDojoLife documentary!

  • What a Dumbass!

    Kill Cliff The Clean Energy Drink. Own It. Make Your Drinkhole Happy. Go to
    Sometimes there's just no other way to describe people or the stupid things they do. Join the crew of Rumble Time Live for animals lashing out and just plain old idiots.

  • Broken Parts & Special Toys

    To buy the World’s Best Clean Energy drinks and the Best Tasting CBD Drinks: For the interactive experience, go to Join the Rumble Time Live guys as they bring you hilarious clips from across the inter web!